Press release: Basel El Maqosui

© Basel El Maqosui

You can download the press release here


/A.R.I.A/ and ArtSchool Palestine residency recipient

We are thrilled to announce that Palestinian artist Basel El Maqosui has been selected to undertake a residency with /A.R.I.A/ in Algiers, in partnership with ArtSchool Palestine and UNESCO Office Ramallah.

Starting in October 2012, visual artist Basel will be in residence in Algiers over one month.

Basel EL Maqosui on his residency:

Travelling and researching is very important for my practice and my career, getting to meet artists from around the world and to have the chance to engage with different cultures and traditions is an enriching experience and can help me develop my artistic practice. During my residency in Algiers, I will visit art spaces and network with artists and cultural practitioners in Algiers


Zineb Sedira (/A.R.I.A/) and Samar Martha (ArtSchool Palestine) on this residency exchange:

We are thrilled to start this new cooperation between ArtSchool Palestine and /A.R.I.A/ and to establish relations between Palestine and the Arab world, especially Algeria which has a long-standing history in supporting Palestinian people. The exchange will strengthen these ties and will offer both the Gaza-based artist Basel El Maqosui and his colleagues in Algiers the opportunity to engage with each other’s practices and to develop long term exchanges and networks that goes beyond the residency period.’

/A.R.I.A/ the new residency programme in Algiers founded by international artist Zineb Sedira, was launched in May 2012 with Tunisian photographer and filmmaker Nicene Kossentini.

Basel El Maqosui is a painter, photographer and video artist who lives and works in Gaza. He trained at the Gaza City YMCA Gaza City and attended the summer Academy of Arts of Darat al Funun-Khalid Shoman Foundation (Jordan). Basel participated in a number of local and international solo and group exhibitions, and teaches art at the Jabalya Rehabilitation Center for deaf children. He is a founder and member of Windows from Gaza For Contemporary Art.

/A.R.I.A/ Artist Residency in Algiers was founded by artist Zineb Sedira. Starting its one-year pilot programme in 2012, /A.R.I.A/ will host two artists-in-residence (Nicene Kossentini and Alfredo Jaar) and a visual artist based in Gaza in partnership with ArtSchool Palestine. The programme aims at building cross-border dialogues and to create an on-going dynamic network across diverse international art communities within and beyond Algeria. It provides opportunities for emerging and established artists from North Africa and across the world to conduct artistic and cultural research and production.

/A.R.I.A/ hosts resident artists and connects them with local and regional networks to facilitate the development of ideas related to the Algerian context. This programme aspires to project a positive awareness and visibility of Algeria and its surroundings to global audiences.

ArtSchool Palestine is a non-profit organisation founded in 2005, by a group of art professionals, curators and artists based in Palestine and London. The virtual existence of ArtSchool Palestine has enabled it to work across Palestine and abroad, commissioning and producing exceptional projects by outstanding contemporary artists. ArtSchool Palestine work is powered by the belief that artists are capable of creating visionary works which impact upon the way we view our world. With a commitment to the production, facilitation and circulation of artistic practices, and the provision of networking opportunities, ASP activities has manifested itself in a wide range of projects – from exhibitions, film and video screenings, lectures, performances and publications, to establishing networks and initiating partnerships for reflection, dialogue and exchange.

For further press information and to request images please contact:

/A.R.I.A/ Artist Residency In Algiers

Founder and Director: Zineb Sedira

Co-ordinator: Yasmina Reggad

T: +44 (0) 2077335552



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