Press release: Mohamed Bourouissa

You can download the press release here aria starts this year programme inviting Mohamed Bourouissa in Algiers Following on its successful 2012 pilot programme, aria is launching its programme this year inviting Franco-Algerian visual artist Mohamed Bourouissa in Algiers. Bourouissa will develop a research on Frantz Fanon and his practice as a psychiatrist in the … Continue reading

last guest of the year: Alfredo Jaar

You can download the press release here [ENG] and here [FR] Alfredo Jaar explores Algiers. aria officially launches the residency programme in Algiers aria’s pilot programme is scheduled to end this year on a high note with the residency of artist, architect, and filmmaker Alfredo Jaar. The New York-based artist will visit Algiers from 15th … Continue reading

Press release: Basel El Maqosui

You can download the press release here   /A.R.I.A/ and ArtSchool Palestine residency recipient We are thrilled to announce that Palestinian artist Basel El Maqosui has been selected to undertake a residency with /A.R.I.A/ in Algiers, in partnership with ArtSchool Palestine and UNESCO Office Ramallah. Starting in October 2012, visual artist Basel will be in … Continue reading

Press Release: artist-in-residence Nicene Kossentini

You can download the press release here Nicene Kossentini inaugurates /A.R.I.A/’s artist-in-residence programme in Algiers We are thrilled to announce that Nicene Kossentini has been selected as the first artist-in-residence for /A.R.I.A/ Artist Residency in Algiers, a new residency program in Algiers founded by international artist Zineb Sedira. Usually based in Tunis, photographer and filmmaker … Continue reading